Forthcoming events for 2017–18

GWR Prairie 5542 at Williton on 1st October 2004
GWR Prairie 5542, Williton
34028 'Eddystone' at Harman's Cross on 11th September 2004
34028 Eddystone, Harman's Cross
4472 'Flying Scotsman' at Salisbury on 31st January 2001
4472 Flying Scotsman, Salisbury
Date Event
Tue 3rd October Happy Snapper Chasing Trains
by Peter Triggs
Sat 28th October Proposed outing to Eastleigh Works
(Leaving from Yeovil Junction)
Tue 7th November Twilight of Transparencies
by Phil Bissett
Tue 5th December Christmas Quiz
Tue 6th February Mendip Rail
by John Barlow & Rob Jacobs